Welcome to MY Web Site

Hi, my name is Mistress Olga and I am a London escort. That sounds almost like a confession doesn’t it! Well let me reassure you, I am in no way ashamed of what I do, in fact I am proud and delighted with my choice of profession!

I have been a London escort for about four years now, it started when I realized that I was a little slut who was always out looking to get laid, men or women, it didn’t matter. Then I realized that I could actually be earning money at this rather than giving it away for free, and you know what, ever since I have been a London escort my clients have treated me with nothing but respect, much better than what I got when I used to spend my time playing the field!

I am in my late 20’s have a slim figure with a nice butt, pert boobs and long dark hair. People tend to think that I look a little dark and mysterious and to be honest, that kind of suits me. I love to dress to impress and I have a massive sexual appetite plus a desire to try new things. I definitely live by the philosophy of try anything once!

Apart from the obvious I love great food, socializing and shopping. My ideal London escort date will be to meet my client, him to be a real gentleman, we go out shopping, maybe he treats me to some perfume or lingerie (or even jewelry if he wants too!) then we meet his friends at one of London’s top restaurants before back to the hotel to maybe giving the lingerie a test ride.

When I first started as a London escort I was very much a girl of simple tastes but as I have gone on, I have discovered through my lovely and generous clients the finer things in life and now consider myself a lover of the best food, wine and retail therapy that London has to offer. There are lots of cheap London escorts around but that’s not me at all.

Over then next few pages I will tell you a little about what it is like to be one of the best London escorts, obviously without revealing any of the intimate details as I totally respect my clients privacy.